Our Global Mapping Survey and The Journey of Unpacking Language

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*Content Warning. This blog post describes the process of translating our Global Mapping Survey and highlights the colonial history and legacy of languages, which includes content that may be triggering or upsetting to BIPOC.*

Through this process, we have recognised that our languages are more entrenched by colonialism and imperialism than many of us originally thought, often using words that are ‘othering’ and were designed to maintain a hierarchy of racial domination that are still steeped within the words that we use today.

Communities and activists are revisiting these words and filling them with new meanings, more connected to the anti-racist fight. How people define different racial identities varies significantly by continent, country, and even within a community, and therefore is more complex than what we can offer in one survey. Our team is aware that our offerings are not exhaustive of all the racial identities that people may hold, but we hope it can serve as a small snapshot.

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